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A one-stop shop for your reflective strip

USee has more than 80 different reflective tapes for clothing, each of which is chosen because of its unique properties. It contains a wide range of options for product performance and appearance, including reflective power, industrial washing, home washing, fire protection, and more. It is certified to EN ISO 20471 - C2, ANSI107, EN ISO 11612, Oekotex100, and so on.

We can offer different qualities of material depending on the customer's budget and application.

We can offer a secure and flexible collaboration to suit your business and your own individual needs as well.


Offer you a wide range of reflective tape for clothing solutions

At USee, we offer you a wide range of reflective strips. You can choose different reflective materials depending on your application.

Sew on reflective tape

Sew on reflective tape

Reflective strips series are used for sewing machine to stitch, resulting in reflective clothing.
Heat transfer vinyl film

Heat transfer vinyl/logo/film

Heat transfer vinyl requires a certain temperature and pressure to adhere to the fabric. It is used for logos, patterns, decoration etc. on garments.
pvc reflective tape

PVC reflective prismatic tape for clothing

The PVC reflective prismatic tape with advantages of water resistance, are made of PVC backing material & micro-prismatic, for high visibility clothing, outdoor wear, bags and so on.

Choose hi vis tape for clothing as per your needs

We are willing to provide any reflective tape, PVC stripe, sheeting, and HTV logo according to your market and branding needs.

What makes USee reflective strip solutions different?

From hi-vis reflective tape to complete design packages, USee Safety Solutions can provide top-of-the-line solutions that guarantee high reflectivity.

  • Free sample parameter testing for you
  • Industrial washing properties
  • Durable reflective fabric
  • Professional equipment, such as a reflection coefficient measuring instrument
reflective strip solutions
Customizable reflective tapes for clothing

Customizable reflective tapes for clothing

We understand that your needs are unique and may require a specialized solution. The reflective fabric strips, films, and tapes are highly adaptable and can be customized according to your needs.

  • Customized product dimensions
  • Color matching
  • Customized HTV logos, patterns, etc
  • Fire and industrial washing resistance

Reflective tape for clothing applications

With wide applications, our reflective tape for clothing stands up to condition to diminish safety risks.

Reflective Tape for Jackets

Emergency Services

Outdoor Activities

Stay safe with USee with a unique touch of elegance!

Don’t get left in the dark when it comes to safety.

Let USee reflective strip for clothing make you visible and safe in any environment.


Full Certification

With EN ISO20471, UL and OEKOTEX 100 certifications. You can choose with confidence that our products meet the standards.


R&D Innovation

Our first-class technology and R&D team are constantly working to bring new developments in safety reflective tape for clothing


Quality Assurance

Strict quality standards and rigorous testing guarantee that reflective tape for garments will meet any need.

Look what our previous clients remarked!

Our client's satisfaction with our products makes us proud and drives us to continue delivering high-quality products.

Bella Grace Founder, Wpmet

Since we had a large order, we were pleasantly surprised with the discounts that they gave us. We got exactly what we wanted in a very short time. The fabulous quality and remarkable packaging of the reflective tape blew away our expectations. Five stars all the way!

John Doe Founder, Wpmet

From day one of my purchase from them, I have been more than satisfied. Their customer service and attention to detail are top-notch. They also provide lots of guidance about selection so that it fits my needs. No better option than USee. Highly Recommended.

Founder of Mandy's Fabrics Founder, Wpmet

The price and quality of their reflective tapes are unbeatable. We've used them for a couple of projects, and each time, we have been surprised by the level that comes out of USee. I strongly recommend this company for any tape needs! Thumbs up, USee.

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USee gives you the best reflective tape solution

With over 10 years of experience in reflective materials


Where are you located? Can I visit you?

Yes, you are welcome to visit us at our office in Taizhou, Zhejiang. Just reach out USee’s customer support using the content details provided on our website. We will be happy to assist you – let’s shine together!

Can I rely on you for on-time delivery? If yes, what is your guarantee policy for the delivery time?

USee always strives to provide quality products on time. We understand the importance of delivering a product according to the given timeline. The order's size and complexity are considered while deciding our delivery timeline. We provide a guaranteed policy for the on-time delivery of all our products and services.

I want some customization; are you open to that?

Yes, always! We know customers' unique requirements and preferences. With a team of highly skilled and seasoned experts, we at USee eagerly embrace every opportunity that comes our way. We are open to customization of our products according to your specific needs.

Can you provide both generic and custom design samples?

Certainly, it takes a lot of effort to be the top player in the reflective material industry. Our design and sourcing teams are seasoned professionals adept at handling challenges and offering creative solutions to customers like yourself. Just demand right now to see the magic weave!

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