Choosing the Right PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape

Choosing the Right PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape

Among the wide range of reflective materials on the market, a product that deserves special mention is PVC prismatic reflective tape. This innovative product is made of PVC sheets embedded with micro prisms, which are pressed at high temperatures to create various widths and patterns. 

Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape

Choosing the right PVC prismatic reflective tape

Here at USEE, an expert in reflective materials in China, we take a closer look at the advantages and some of the considerations of PVC prismatic reflective tape and highlight its uses in the industry.

Advantages of PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape

High reflection coefficient (15-1200 cd/lx/m2)

This tape is highly reflective, especially in popular colours such as white and fluorescent yellow, up to 700-1200 CPL. This high reflectivity ensures maximum visibility.

fluorescent yellow PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape

Fluorescent yellow PVC prismatic reflective tape

Cold Resistance

Laboratory tested, this tape will not crack at temperatures as low as -5 °C and can withstand temperatures as low as -30 °C.


By EN ISO 20471:2013/And 1:2016, the tape retains its retro-reflective properties even after washing.

It is recommended that the tape be sewn and sealed to clothing or fabric for optimum durability

Various colours

The tape can be customised in a variety of colours. However, it should be noted that darker colours may reduce the reflectivity factor.

PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape for Garments colors

PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape for garment colors

Texture and visual effect

The smooth surface of PVC enhances reflectivity and aesthetics.

Attracts attention and enhances warning effect

Fluorescent yellows and oranges are particularly effective in daylight, providing a more eye-catching warning than standard silver or grey reflective strips.

PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape stands out in the reflective material industry for its unique properties and diverse applications, making it an effective choice for multiple uses.

Whether for safety gear, fashion, or special applications, this tape offers visibility, durability, and aesthetics that are hard to beat.

Disadvantages of PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape

Cost differential

Branded prices are high, especially brands such as 3M or REFLEXITE. The more reflective the tape, the higher the price, ranging from $0.90 to $5 or more per metre.

Recovery time after folding

When sewn on reflective vests or garments, it takes time for the tape to recover after folding.

Handling Coloured PVC Reflective Tape

When using coloured PVC tapes on vests or garments, it is recommended that they be folded with a barrier paper to prevent colour transfer.

Sewing Precautions

When sewing, be sure to keep the stitches within 2 cm of 6 stitches to avoid breaking the edges.

Choosing the Right PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape-FAQS

What are the most reflective colours of PVC prismatic reflective tape?

The most reflective colours of VC prismatic tape are usually orange and fluorescent yellow with a reflective power of 700-1200 CPL.

White PVC prismatic reflective tape

White PVC prismatic reflective tape

Can PVC prismatic tape withstand cold temperatures?

It has been shown to withstand temperatures as low as -5 °C without cracking.

Is PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape washable?

Yes, it can be washed and retains its reflective properties, especially when sewn and sealed to fabric.

Why do prices for different brands of PVC prismatic reflective tape vary so much?

The wide range of brand prices, especially for brands such as 3M or REFLEXITE, is due to differences in reflectivity and compliance with the EN20471 standard.

Are there any special considerations when sewing PVC prismatic reflective tapes on garments?

Yes, when sewing, keep seams within 6 stitches of approximately 2 cm to prevent edge breakage and use barrier paper when folding coloured tape to prevent colour transfer.

In Summary-Choosing the Right PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape

Choosing the Right PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape

Choosing the Right PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape

Reflective materials have come a long way over the years, and USee’s range of products, particularly the PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape, exemplifies this progress.

By understanding the unique benefits and considerations of each reflective material, you can make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

USee will continue to innovate and provide quality reflective materials to ensure that whether you’re looking for safety, style, or practicality, you get the best products on the market.


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