Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape
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USee’s prismatic technology reflects light more effectively than conventional materials, making it ideal for safety.

Experience Distinctive Features with Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape

Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape boasts many distinctive features that set it apart as a top-tier safety and visibility solution. 

High Reflective Coefficient 15-1200cd/lx/㎡

Experience the brilliance of safety like never before with our Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape.

  • Illuminate Your Surroundings - Our tape is engineered to shine brightly, making you and your surroundings instantly noticeable.
  • Road Safety Reinvented - Enhance road safety with our high-reflective tape.
  • Protect Your Workforce - Keep your workers safe with gear adorned in our reflective tape.
Cold Tolerance, No Cracking at -5 ℃

Cold Tolerance, No Cracking at -5 ℃

Our Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape is not just about visibility; it's about lasting performance.

  • Cold Tolerance Beyond Compare - Our tape won't crack or lose its reflective power, even at bone-chilling -30℃.
  • Washable Warrior - Our Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape is engineered for longevity. It's washable, conforming to the strict standards set by (EN ISO 20471:2013/And 1:2016).
  • No Cracking at -5℃ - Our tape remains resilient and crack-free even when the thermometer dips to -5℃.

Diverse Applications of Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape

From road safety to outdoor adventures and beyond, USee's Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape finds applications in various sectors.

Outdoor Recreational Gear

High-Visibility Workwear

Emergency and First Responder Equipment

Discover the Power of Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape with USee

Experience Unmatched Safety and Visibility with reflective tape! Explore our applications and USee for yourself.

Customized Reflective PVC Workwear

At USee, we offer a customised service where our researchers and developers provide users with 100% reflective requirements.


What is prismatic reflective tape?

Prismatic reflective tape is a reflective PVC material that utilizes micro-prismatic technology to enhance visibility. It comprises a PVC sheet with micro-prisms and a conventional PVC bottom film. It also comes in checkerboard designs for clothing.

What is the reflective fabric tape used for?

Reflective fabric tape is used for various safety and visibility applications. It is commonly employed on vehicles road signs, Reflective PVC prismatic tape for clothing is also famous, and equipment to make them more visible.

What is the use of PVC tape?

PVC tape serves multiple purposes, including electrical insulation, sealing, marking, and bundling. Reflective PVC tape, in particular, enhances visibility and safety in various applications.

Is reflective tape effective?

Yes, reflective tape is highly effective at improving visibility and safety. It reflects light, making objects or surfaces adorned with it more noticeable.

How is prismatic tape made?

Prismatic tape is made by pressing a PVC sheet with micro-prisms and a conventional PVC bottom film at high temperatures. This process creates a reflective surface with micro-prismatic elements that efficiently reflect light.

What material is reflective tape?

Reflective tape is typically made from materials like PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or fabric with embedded glass or micro-prismatic elements. These materials have reflective properties that enhance visibility when exposed to light.

Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape | An Ultimate Guide To Your Queries

Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape

Figure 1: Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape

In our everyday lives, safety often hinges on something as simple as being seen. Whether commuting on dimly lit roads, working in a busy construction zone, or enjoying outdoor activities after sunset, visibility can make all the difference.

Though often overlooked, reflective material is critical in enhancing our safety. These unassuming materials quietly reflect light, illuminating our surroundings and helping prevent accidents.

Reflective tapes have transformed everyday scenarios into safer experiences. Reflective tapes have made a substantial impact, from road signs guiding us through the night to workers on construction sites standing out amidst the chaos.

In this comprehensive guide, USee will explore the world of reflective materials, their practical significance, and the exceptional qualities of Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape.

Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape | Brief Overview

Reflective PVC prismatic tape is also known as prismatic reflective tape or simply prismatic tape. It is a specialized adhesive tape designed to enhance visibility and safety in various applications. It is trendy in traffic safety, road signage, and personal safety gear. 

Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape

Figure 2: Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape

Here’s a detailed explanation of what reflective PVC prismatic tape is:

  • Composition:

Reflective PVC prismatic tape is typically made from a base layer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material embedded with micro prism retroreflective elements. These elements are usually tiny glass beads or micro prisms that are precisely arranged to reflect light in a specific way.

  • Reflective Properties:

The critical feature of prismatic tape is its outstanding retro-reflectivity. Unlike standard reflective materials, which bounce light in multiple directions, prismatic tape reflects light predominantly toward its source. 

This means that when light, such as headlights from a vehicle or a flashlight, hits the tape, it sends the light directly back to the observer, making it highly visible even at long distances and in low-light conditions.

  • Versatility:

Reflective PVC prismatic tape comes in various colors, with white, yellow, and red being the most common choices. It can be found in rolls, strips, or custom-cut shapes, making it versatile and adaptable to different applications.

Color Diversity Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape

Figure 3: Color Diversity Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape

  • Durability:

This type of tape is known for its durability and weather resistance. It is designed to withstand exposure to the elements, including rain, snow, and UV radiation, without losing its reflective properties. This is crucial for its effectiveness in outdoor applications.

  • Regulations and Standards:

Reflective PVC prismatic tape is often subject to various regulations and standards, depending on its intended use. For example, traffic signs and safety gear must meet specific criteria set by transportation authorities and regulatory bodies to ensure their effectiveness.

  • Installation:

Installing reflective PVC prismatic tape is relatively straightforward. It typically has an adhesive backing, which can be applied directly to surfaces like metal, plastic, fabric, or glass. Proper surface preparation and application techniques ensure long-lasting adherence and effectiveness.

Potential Benefits of Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape

Reflective PVC prismatic tape offers several benefits, making it a valuable tool for enhancing visibility and safety in various applications. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • High Reflective Coefficient:

Reflective PVC prismatic tape boasts a high reflective coefficient, ranging from 15 to 1200cd/lx/㎡. Different colors have varying reflective coefficients, with white and fluorescent yellow being the most popular and having a reflective power that can reach 700-1200CPL. This high reflectivity ensures that the tape remains visible even in low-light conditions.

  • Cold Tolerance:

This type of tape is designed to withstand cold temperatures. It has been tested in laboratory conditions and has not cracked at -5°C. It can also endure even lower temperatures, down to -30°C, making it suitable for cold climates.

  • Washable:

Reflective PVC colorful tape can be washed without losing its reflective properties. It complies with EN ISO 20471:2013/And 1:2016 standards, which suggest sewing or sealing the tape onto clothing or fabrics for washing. This feature ensures the tape remains practical and durable even after regular cleaning.

  • Color Diversity:

Reflective PVC prismatic tape is available in various colors. While customization is possible, it’s important to note that the reflective power may vary with color. Darker colors tend to have lower reflection, so choosing the right color for your application is essential.

  • Texture and Visual Effect:

The PVC surface of the tape is smooth and provides a highly reflective effect. This soft texture enhances visibility and attracts attention effectively, making it suitable for warning and safety applications.

  • Attract Attention and Warning Effect:

The use of fluorescent yellow or fluorescent orange reflective PVC tape enhances visibility during the daytime. These conspicuous colors are more attractive and attention-grabbing than traditional silver or gray reflective strips. As a result, they offer a better warning effect, making them ideal for scenarios where visibility is crucial.

USee offers a wide range of colors to suit your specific needs. While customization is available, we guide color selection to ensure optimal reflectivity for your application. The smooth surface of our PVC tape enhances its reflective effect. Its attractive appearance ensures it grabs attention, making it ideal for warning and safety purposes.

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Applications of Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape

Reflective PVC prismatic tape is a versatile and highly effective material used in various applications where improved visibility and safety are essential. Here are some typical applications of reflective PVC prismatic tape:

  • Reflective tape creates highly visible road signs, ensuring drivers can see them clearly, even in low-light conditions.
  • It is applied to mark lanes on roads, highways, and parking lots, guiding drivers and enhancing safety, especially during nighttime driving.
  • Reflective tape is applied to vehicles, including cars, trucks, and trailers, to increase visibility and reduce the risk of accidents, particularly on dark roads.
  • Heavy machinery and construction equipment are marked with reflective tape to prevent accidents on job sites.
  • Workers wear reflective tape on their clothing and safety gear to make themselves more visible in low-light conditions.
  • Reflective tape can be applied to industrial machinery and equipment to improve safety in factories and manufacturing facilities.

USee Your Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape Provider

At USee, we take pride in being your go-to source for high-quality Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape. With a commitment to excellence and safety, we deliver products that exceed expectations and enhance visibility across various applications.

Our prismatic tape is engineered to provide an exceptional retro reflective experience, ensuring maximum visibility in low-light conditions. Whether on roads, construction sites, or personal safety gear, you can trust USee for superior reflectiveness.

USee’s reflective tape stands up to the harshest conditions. It is tested in extreme cold and remains durable and effective, ensuring reliability even in freezing temperatures. Our tape complies with industry standards for washability, ensuring it maintains its reflective properties after regular cleaning. Count on USee for long-lasting, dependable performance.

Wrap Up

Reflective PVC prismatic tapes are the life savior! Whether involved in road safety, construction, emergency services, or recreational gear, USee is your reliable partner for top-tier reflective PVC prismatic tape. Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction sets us apart.

Experience the difference with USee’s Reflective PVC Prismatic Tape. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements, customization options, and how we can help enhance safety and visibility in your business projects.

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