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Stay safe with USee’s reflected ribbon tape. It reflects light, making you visible in the dark.

Reflected ribbon tapes The versatile safety solution

Discover the versatility of our reflected ribbon tapes, your all-in-one safety solution. Use reflective ribbon tapes on jackets, bags, or gear for an added layer of safety.

Personalize Reflective Bands with Reflected Ribbon Tapes

Enhance your safety by creating custom reflective bands effortlessly with our versatile reflected ribbon tapes.

  • Get Creative: Design your safety bands to match your style and preferences.
  • Affordable Safety: Enhance visibility without spending too much.
  • Versatile Use: Stick the tapes on clothes, bags, or gear for instant safety.
  • Application Process: Sew on
Personalize Reflective Bands with Reflected Ribbon Tapes
Color Your Safety

Color Your Safety

Personalize your safety according to your favorite colors with USee’s multicolor reflective tapes.

  • Mix and Match: Create eye-catching combinations for a personalized touch to your safety gear.
  • Easy Identification: Differentiate yourself or your belongings with distinctive colors for visibility.
  • Popular Picks: Our fluorescent yellow, red, and green are the favorites, ensuring you stay visible in style.

Reflected ribbon tapes for every need

Choose reflected ribbon tape types that are reliable for safety in various environments.

Warning reflective tape for engineers

hi vis Reflective Ribbon Tape

sew on Reflective Ribbon Tape

USee's webbing tape for clothing

Take the first step to a safer, more visible you. Order reflected ribbon tapes today and add a personalized touch to your safety.


How many colors to choose for the reflective ribbon?

Choose a reflective ribbon color based on your preference and visibility needs. The standard options include fluorescent yellow, red, and green. Additionally, you can get customized colors based on your preferences and requirements.

Can we customize different widths of reflective ribbon tape?

Yes, you can! We offer customization for different widths of reflective ribbon tape to suit your needs. Feel free to choose the width that works best for you.

Do you have stock products to sell?

Yes, we keep things ready for you! We typically have high-visibility reflective webbing in stock, available in 2cm and 5cm widths. So you can get what you need without any delays.

Do you make warning reflective tape for clothing?

Yes, we do! We manufacture warning reflective tape specifically designed for clothing. You can enhance your safety by adding our reflective tape to your clothing for increased visibility.

Do you make webbing tape for clothing?

Absolutely! Our specially crafted webbing tape is tailored for clothing, ensuring a perfect blend of safety and style. Enhance the visibility of your garments with our quality webbing tape, designed to meet your fashion and safety needs.

Reflective ribbon tape | Your go-to guide

Reflective Ribbon Tape

Reflective ribbon tape

Reflective ribbon tapes are increasingly in demand due to a growing focus on safety. These tapes are very useful in workplaces and other settings to prevent accidents. Their smart design uses materials that reflect light and make people or objects more visible, especially in low-light situations. 

This design not only serves the safety purpose but also looks practical. The best part is that these tapes are easy to find, ensuring anyone can get hold of them without any trouble. With different options in width, color choices, and the possibility of customization, these tapes are a straightforward and accessible way to improve visibility and safety in various situations.

Let’s dive into more details of reflective ribbon tape. 

Reflective Ribbon Tape | An Overview 

Reflective ribbon tape is a safety accessory with reflective fabric and backing materials. It finds applications in safety garments, sportswear, caps, sports bags, shoes, etc. 

There are two application methods: iron-on, using reflective heat transfer vinyl, and sew-on, with options like polyester or TC reflective fabric and backing materials like Oxford or grosgrain webbing.

Warning reflective tape for clothing

Warning reflective tape for clothing

Reflective ribbon tape is ideal for creating personalized security bands. You can make the webbing and reflective tapes just how you like them by choosing the design and width that suits you. 

The tape is available in colors like bright yellow, red, and green. One important thing about reflective ribbon tape is that it helps you stay safe and seen, even in tricky conditions like rain and fog or when it’s dark, whether daytime or nighttime.

Reflective Ribbon Tape | Benefits

Reflective Ribbon Tape benefits

Figure 3: Reflective ribbon tape | benefits

Reflective safety ribbon has a lot of benefits that cannot be overlooked. Below are the useful advantages of using a high-visibility ribbon. 

  • Enhanced Visibility:

Reflective ribbon tape significantly improves visibility, ensuring you remain easily seen even in challenging low-light conditions. This heightened visibility is a crucial safety feature in various environments.

  • Increased Safety:

Reflective ribbon tape is a simple but powerful way to ensure accidents are less likely. Making you more visible adds an extra layer of safety for people walking, cycling, or in different places. 

  •  Customizable Design:

The tape offers a customizable design, allowing users to tailor the width and appearance according to personal preferences and specific safety requirements. This feature ensures a personalized and effective safety solution.

  • Multiple Color Options:

The tape caters to popular color preferences with options like fluorescent yellow, red, and green. This customization allows you to opt for stylish safety options.

  • High-Quality Materials:

The webbing tape for clothing ensures durability and effectiveness. This commitment to quality guarantees a long-lasting safety solution in various conditions.


Applications of Reflective Ribbon Tape:

High-visibility ribbons are perfect for safety and are used in various applications. Here are some of them.

  • Add a safety element to bags. It ensures increased visibility for pedestrians or cyclists carrying them.
  • Improve safety during various sports activities by incorporating reflective ribbon tapes into sportswear.
  • Apply reflective ribbon tapes to shoes for enhanced visibility, which is particularly useful for nighttime walks or jogging.
  • Improve the safety of pets during walks or outdoor activities by using reflective ribbon tapes in their accessories.

USee – Your exclusive reflective tape provider

USee is your one-stop destination for top-quality reflective tapes for clothing. We prioritize your safety, offering tapes designed to ensure visibility and security in any situation. Whether taking a walk, getting ready for a bike ride, or just wanting to be more visible, USee has the right solution for you.

We design our reflected tapes from strong materials, ensuring they last and do their job effectively. You can customize them to fit your style and preferences, adding a personal touch to your safety.

Stand out in style! Pick from our regular favorites like fluorescent yellow, red, and green, or request a specific color that suits your taste.

Wrap Up:

Reflective ribbon tapes are crucial for ensuring you stay safe and visible in many situations. They have a straightforward but effective design, and you can use them in various ways, making them a must-have for your safety gear.

Trust USee to be your reliable partner in safety. Contact us today and order your reflective ribbon tapes. 

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