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Reflective tape to match your safety jacket

  • Features The surface color is metallic silver/silver colour.
  • Complex production process This series of reflective strips are EN20471 standard and can be washed 25 times. If you need a higher level product, you can choose the industrial series, such as REF2301W.
  • Advantages Reflective power >400cpl.
    Has dry cleaning properties.
    Friction resistance, bending resistance, resistance to high and low temperature changes, resistance to low temperature folding and other properties.
  • Disadvantages Special craftsmanship of silver reflective tape. It determines that compared with other reflective tapes, sweat stains will be more obvious.
  • Features This reflective strip meets industrial washable standards and is suitable for use on heavy-duty work jackets.
  • Performance Retro reflectivity: >450 CD/LUX
    Fluorescent basic fabric and retro-reflective material perfect match.
  • Advantages Higher washing frequency. Better reflective power. Waterproof, fireproof (optional).
    Use a twin-needle sewing machine to be more efficient and beautiful.
  • Disadvantages This reflective tape feels relatively hard.
  • Features Iron on craft. The perfect combination of reflective tapes and fabric requires only an ironing machine or heat press to operate under the appropriate temperature and pressure.
  • Application Best for: Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, Canvas, Linen, Oxford.
  • Advantages EN20471 standard, industrial washing, can meet the requirements of different reflective jackets.
    Seams are avoided, giving the entire reflective jacket a smoother look.

Case study

Safety Jackets for Construction

Safety Jackets for Construction

Rugged safety jackets designed for construction workers, offering high-visibility protection.
Safety Jacket for Engineers

Safety Jacket for Engineers

Engineer-specific safety jacket with tailored features for on-site safety and comfort.
Police Reflective Jacket

Police Reflective Jacket

Police reflective jacket ensures visibility and security in law enforcement operations.

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High-Visibility Reflective Tape for Jackets: Safety and Style Combined

Reflective tape for jackets

Figure 1: Reflective tape for jackets

Reflective tape is no ordinary accessory; it’s a safety beacon, especially in low-light conditions. Did you know it’s engineered to bounce back light, making you highly visible even in the darkest environments?

Some cool facts:

Every year, reflective tape is crucial in reducing accidents and saving lives, making it a must-have for anyone working in high-risk environments.

What you’ll learn?

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about reflective tape for jackets. You’ll gain insights into its construction understanding the science behind its illuminating properties. So let’s get started.

What Is Reflective Tape For Jackets?

jacket reflective strips

Figure 2: Jacket reflective strips

Reflective tape for jackets is like magic on clothing. It’s a special kind of tape that can take light and make it bounce back. So, when a light, like from a car’s headlights, shines on your motorcycle jacket with reflective tape, it reflects the light and makes you super bright and visible. It’s not just a cool trick; it’s important for your safety.

Now, here’s something interesting: 

Reflective tape has a superhero job. It helps prevent accidents, especially when it’s dark outside. The tape is like a shield that makes you stand out and tells drivers, “Hey, I’m here!” So, when you wear a safety jacket with this tape, you’re not just wearing clothes; you’re wearing a safety superpower. Cool, right?

USee has revolutionized safety with its cutting-edge reflective tape technology. Our products are designed to keep you visible and secure, no matter the lighting conditions. With USee, safety isn’t just a feature; it’s a guarantee.

Reflective tape for jackets

Importance of Reflective Materials in Clothing:

Incorporating reflective materials into garments is critical to personal safety, particularly when visibility is compromised. These specialized materials can reflect light toward its source, significantly increasing the wearer’s visibility in low-light conditions.

Reflective Materials in Clothing

Below are some key points highlighting the significance of reflective materials in jackets:

Enhanced Visibility in Low-Light Environments: 

When exposed to light sources, reflective materials are engineered to emit a high-intensity reflection. This feature is invaluable for industries that operate during nighttime hours, such as logistics, construction, and security, ensuring the safety of employees and assets.

Mitigation of Accidents and Workplace Incidents: 

By enhancing the visibility of personnel, reflective materials serve as a proactive measure to reduce accidents in environments with limited visibility. This is particularly pertinent for transportation, manufacturing, and warehousing sectors, where worker safety is paramount.

Adherence to Industry Safety Standards: 

Numerous sectors, including transportation, construction, and utilities, mandate high-visibility clothing to comply with safety regulations. USee’s range of reflective materials ensures that your workforce meets these industry-specific safety standards, creating a secure work environment.

Versatility and Customization for Workwear Solutions: 

USee’s reflective materials seamlessly integrate into diverse workwear, including coveralls, vests, uniforms, and other safety apparel. This adaptability empowers businesses across various industries, from logistics and infrastructure to emergency services, with the tools to enhance worker visibility.

Optimized Safety in Emergency Scenarios: 

In critical situations, such as evacuations or emergency response operations, the rapid identification of personnel is imperative. USee’s reflective materials facilitate swift recognition, aiding in the execution of efficient emergency protocols.

Assured Safety for Younger Demographics: 

Educational institutions and childcare facilities prioritize the safety of their students. USee’s range of reflective materials provides peace of mind to parents and guardians, ensuring that children remain highly visible during outdoor activities and commute routes.

Elevated Safety Standards for Recreational Industries: 

The recreational sector, encompassing outdoor events, sports, and leisure activities, benefits from the enhanced visibility offered by USee’s reflective materials. This is especially pertinent for organizations facilitating events in low-light or natural settings.

High Luster Reflective TC Fabric: A Game Changer Solution for Safety Jackets

High luster reflective TC fabric

Reflective tape for jackets

Having the right reflective tapes is crucial for safety jackets that meet EN ISO 20471 standards. Here’s why the High Luster Reflective TC Fabric can be a game-changer:

1. Metallic Silver Shine: 

This reflective fabric doesn’t just shine; it sparkles like metallic silver. It’s beautiful and adds a fashionable, eye-catching element to safety wear. The secret? It has an extra layer of electroplated aluminum between the glass beads, making it look shiny.

2. Bright and Hard:

 The fabric feels bright and firm. That’s because of its complex production process, which ensures it maintains its shape and luster even after multiple wash cycles. It meets the EN20471 standard, which means it can handle 25 wash cycles without losing shine. If you need even higher quality, the industrial series, like REF2301W, offers a reflective power of over 400cpl.

3. Dry Cleaning Capable: 

Unlike regular reflective strips, this fabric can handle dry cleaning. That’s a big plus if you want to keep your safety wear looking sharp and professional.

4. Tough and Resistant: 

It’s not just about looks; this fabric can handle wear and tear. It’s resistant to friction, bending, and temperature changes. It can even handle low temperatures without folding or losing its reflective power.

5. The Perfect Match: 

It combines the best of both worlds – a fluorescent basic fabric with retro-reflective material. This means you get both high visibility and a stylish look.

Potential Disadvantages:

While High Luster Reflective TC Fabric has many advantages, there are a couple of downsides to consider:

1. Sweat Stains Show: 

Because of its special process, sweat stains might be more visible than other reflective strips. It’s something to remember if you’re in a hot and sweaty environment.

2. Prone to Wrinkles: 

During washing, this fabric can develop creases or wrinkles. It’s not a deal-breaker, but you’ll need to manage it to keep it looking sharp.

Conclusion-reflective tape for jackets

Incorporating reflective material into safety jackets is a brilliant choice for those seeking style and safety. Its resilience makes it stand out in the world of reflective materials. While it may have minor considerations like sweat stains and wrinkles, its benefits outweigh these drawbacks.

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