Segmented Reflective Tape

Get enhanced visibility and safety in any environment with USee’s cutting-edge Segmented Reflective Tape.

Elevate your experience with segmented reflective tape

Experience the adaptability of our segmented reflective tape. Apply it to clothing, gear, vehicles, or even accessories. The possibilities are endless.

Heat-transfer segmented reflective tape

Upgrade your safety gear affordably with our heat-transfer reflective tape.

  • Customized patterns. Using laser segmentation, the reflective tape pattern can be customized freely. Provide you with customized services.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for reflective T-shirts, polo shirts, and sports and outdoor garments.
  • Easy Application: Iron on or heat press for 10 seconds at 130°C-150°C with over 3kgs/cm² pressure.
Heat-transfer segmented reflective tape

Certified safety

Elevate your safety standards with Certified Safety of segmented reflective tape at USee.

  • ENISO20471 Certification: Rest assured that our reflective tape meets the stringent visibility standards outlined by ENISO20471.
  • Oekotex100 Certification: Experience eco-friendly peace of mind with Oekotex100 certification.
  • Quality Assurance: The dual certification signifies compliance, quality, and reliability of our reflective tape.

USee provides you with one-stop customized services

USee-Your trustworthy reflective tape supplier in China, providing professional customized segmented reflective tape.


What is segmented reflective tape used for?

Segmented reflective tape is used to enhance visibility and safety in low-light conditions. It is commonly applied to clothing, gear, and surfaces to make them more visible to others, reducing the risk of accidents.

What are the differences between segmented reflective and retroreflective tape?

Reflective tape reflects light in various directions, making the object more visible. On the other hand, retroreflective tape is designed to reflect light to its source, improving visibility in situations where direct sunlight may not be coming from the same direction.

How long does reflective tape last?

The longevity of reflective tape depends on factors such as usage, environmental conditions, and quality. High-quality reflective tapes are generally durable and can last several years.

Is segmented reflective tape suitable for all types of fabrics?

While segmented reflective tape is versatile and suitable for various fabrics, it's important to note that it may not adhere securely to nylons or water-repellent substrates. It's recommended to avoid using it on these materials to ensure optimal performance.

How should I apply segmented reflective tape for the best results?

For optimal results, iron on or heat press the segmented reflective tape for 10 seconds at a temperature between 130°C-150°C, applying pressure of over 3kgs/cm². The cold peel process ensures a secure and durable bond.

Segmented Reflective Tape | A Thorough Guide

Heat-transfer segmented reflective tape

Reflective before and after the comparison chart

Segmented reflective tapes are crucial in keeping us visible when light fades and the dark sets in. Segmented reflective strips are non-negotiable for safety if you are in late shifts, cycling in the evening, or just walking the dog. 

The segmented design enhances visibility and adds a touch of style. It’s not just a trend; it’s a necessity. As safety becomes an ever-growing concern, Segmented Reflective Tapes stand at the forefront, meeting the demand for practicality and individuality.

In a constantly moving world, these tapes ensure you’re not just part of the crowd; you stand out and stay safe. Let’s dive into the details of the safety this tape provides.

Segmented Reflective Tape | Know-How

Segmented reflective tape is a special kind of tape that reflects light. It’s made up of small pieces, or segments, that can be seen easily in the dark. This tape is often used on clothing, signs, or vehicles to make them more visible and safer, especially at night. 

The segments reflect light to its source, like headlights from a car, making the object with the tape on it stand out and be noticed. This helps to prevent accidents and keeps people and things safer in low-light conditions.Segmented Reflective Tape-after lighting

After lighting

The properties of segmented reflective tape include its ability to reflect light in multiple directions, making it visible from various angles. This helps enhance visibility in low-light conditions, such as during the night. The tape is usually durable and weather-resistant, ensuring it remains effective in various environmental conditions. This makes it useful for increasing visibility and safety on clothing, signs, and vehicles.


Segmented Reflective strip | Benefits

Segmented Reflective Tape

Segmented reflective tape

Heat-transfer segmented reflective tape offers several benefits for enhancing visibility and safety in various applications. Here are the advantages of using this tape:

  • Seamless Design:

When applied to safety garments, the tape is continuously laminated without seam marks, providing a smooth and seamless appearance. This ensures a polished and professional look.

  • Cost-Effective Alternative:

It is a cost-effective alternative to 3M’s segmented reflective trim, providing similar benefits at a lower cost. This makes it attractive for those looking for quality reflective features without breaking the bank.

  • Versatile Application:

The tape is designed for various garments, including T-shirts, polo shirts, and sports and outdoor apparel. Its flexibility and fashionable segmented pattern make it suitable for different clothing styles.

  • Stretchable:

The segmented pattern adds a stretchable quality to the reflective tape. This flexibility allows for comfortable movement, making it suitable for active wear.

  • Certified Safety:

The tape meets safety standards with certifications such as ENISO20471 and Oekotex100, ensuring it adheres to reflective materials’ quality and safety regulations.

Applications of Segmented Reflective Tape:

Segmented reflective strip is a safety tool that can be used in many cool ways to make things more visible and safer. Here are some simple applications:

  • Stick it on T-shirts, polo shirts, and sports gear to make people easily seen, especially when it’s dark. The tape is stretchable and looks stylish, too.
  • It’s perfect for workwear! Apply it to safety garments like vests or jackets to add extra visibility without any seams showing.
  • Use it on outdoor clothes for activities like biking or hiking. It helps others spot you, making your adventures safer.
  • Stick it on signs to make them easy to see at night. This is super helpful for road signs and warnings.

USee – Your exclusive segment reflective tape Pprovider

USee is the go-to team for all your reflective tape needs. Why trust us? We’re all about ensuring you stay safe and visible in style! Our reflective tapes are made with precision, so you get top-notch quality you can trust.

Our exclusive segmented reflective tapes are crafted to give you the best visibility. Being seen is crucial, especially in low-light conditions, so we’ve got you covered.

Your safety is our priority. Our tapes are designed to keep you visible, whether at work, playing sports, or out for a nighttime adventure. We take security seriously!

Wrap Up:

Segmented reflective tapes are your secret weapon for staying safe and visible in various situations. Their precision design, focus on security, and commitment to safety make them a smart choice for anyone looking to enhance visibility, especially in low-light conditions.

For the best in segmented reflective tapes, contact USee. As your exclusive provider, USee offers top-notch products and promises reliability and innovation.

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