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Let’s Take Your First Step towards Enhanced Visibility with USee’s Sew On Reflective Tape!

Features That Make Sew On Reflective Tape Stands Out

USee's sew on reflective tape is designed to offer superior visibility and increase the safety of wearers.

Customization Services

We offer various sew-on reflective tape options to meet your multiple needs.

  • Offering custom logos, patterns, perforations, laser printing, and screen printing options.
  • According to customer requirements, we offer TC/Polyester/cotton fabric as base options.
  • Have reflective tape explicitly designed for sports that can stretch.
  • Availability of Reflective tape in various widths ranging from 1cm to 140cm. Our regular model comes in a width of 5cm.
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Quality Assurance of Sewable Reflective Tape

Quality Assurance of Sewable Reflective Tape

No matter what reflective tape you choose, you can be assured of its quality.

  • Certified and comprehensive quality control process implemented.
  • Equipped with a range of advanced testing equipment for accurate results.
  • Complete with reflectometer, dry cleaning machine, constant temperature and humidity chamber, fabric breathability/permeability meter, and more.

What Can Sew On Reflective Strip For Clothing Do?

From luggage and safety apparel to high visibility gear, sew-on reflective tape can be used for various applications.

Reflective tape for jackets

coveralls with reflective strips

reflective tape for pants

Open up the world of reflective materials with USee

Experience the transformation and hands on our reflective tape to bring your vision to life.

Targeted solutions for clothing suppliers

At USee, we are ready to provide customised solutions to clothing suppliers all over the world.

In this case, we have fully understood and analysed the market and needs of the users. In combination with our product attributes, we have provided the user with a specific solution for reflective belts for pet dog clothing.

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Why Should I Use Sew On Reflective Tape For Clothing?

Sew-on reflective tape is essential for making safety clothing, providing extra visibility to the wearer. It can also be used for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking trips, where the visibility of the participants is a priority.

Is USee Sew On Reflective Tape Durable?

Yes, USee sew-on reflective tape is highly durable and can withstand multiple washing cycles without losing its properties. It also has a durable adhesive backing that keeps it firmly in place even after repeated use.

Why is it essential to test the reflective fabric before and after the roll?

The middle part of a roll of plant film is more stable when planting compared to the first and second halves, which often encounter problems.

How long is the storage time for hotfixes and reflective fabrics?

It is recommended to use the hot post within six months. Please note that the reflective strip may be affected by the environment. If there are no moisture issues in the storage area, it can be kept at room temperature and ventilated for 2-3 years.

Does USee reflective tape come in different sizes?

Yes, USee reflective tape is available in various sizes, from 1 cm to 140 cm in width. The adhesive backing ensures it can be firmly attached to any material. It is also easy to cut and shape for more complex designs.

What is the optimal order quantity if I use reflective tape for a project?

We always recommend reaching us and discussing the project details to determine the optimal quantity.

Sew On Reflective Tape
A Comprehensive Guide

Sew On Reflective Tape

Figure 1: Sew On Reflective Tape

Who does not wants to be safe when riding a bike, driving a car, or even walking at night? Sewable reflective tape is one of the most effective ways to enhance visibility and safeguard yourself. Many businesses that provide protective clothing and materials use this reflective tape to increase safety.

USee is one of the leading companies providing reflective tapes for industrial and recreational purposes. We are committed to delivering high-quality products that ensure our customer’s safety is always assured. Let’s find out more about sew-on reflective tape and its associated features.

What is Sew On Reflective Tape | A Basic Know How

Ready to shine bright and stay safe? Sew On Reflective Tape is your secret weapon to stand out in the dark while adding a touch of style to your favorite outfits. This nifty tape is designed to attach to any fabric with a few simple stitches easily. Whether your business caters to fashion-forward cyclists, adventurous night joggers, or customers looking to boost visibility, this tape is a game-changer.

Reflective Tape Structure:

Structure Of Sew On Reflective Tape

Figure 3: Structure Of Sew On Reflective Tape

The reflective tape has three components: a fabric base, a glue layer, and an implant film. The implant film comprises PET film, PE positioning adhesive, glass microbeads, a planting adhesive layer, and an aluminum plating layer.

The performance of the implant film affects the quality of the reflective tape and is strongly influenced by the depth of the glass beads.

To achieve good washing results and produce a high-quality product, it is essential to have a suitable adhesive that adheres well to the plant film, glass beads, metal aluminum, and T/C cloths.

Potential Features That Make Sew-On Reflective Tape Special

When offering superior visibility, safety, and comfort, sew-on reflective tapes have plenty to offer. Made of breathable materials that do not cause skin irritation, this tape features a variety of potential properties, including:

  • Sew-On Reflective Tape Is Washable

Although the reflective tape is washable by nature, users often ask if it is suitable for home or industrial washing. To differentiate the two, we test the reflective coefficient after washing the tape multiple times at a specific temperature. This is an important testing process with specific requirements.

  • It Is Flame Resistant

Flame-resistant sew-on reflective tape is essential for ensuring safety in industries such as emergency services and heat treating, where workers often operate in dark and smoky environments and around heavy equipment and moving vehicles. 

The tape is certified according to EN ISO 14116 limited flame spread and is available in 50-meter rolls. Keep reading for more information.

  • It Offers Flexibility

Reflective tapes come in various types, some flexible (high-intensity reflective tape) and others stiff. They are designed to conform to different surfaces. For example, helmets with stripes can be made using flexible high-intensity tape. 

Certain reflective tapes, such as high-index bead tapes, can even stretch. The reflective tapes are designed to enhance visibility and ensure your safety, regardless of how you use them.

  • It Is Visible From All Angles

If you are in the business of safety cloth manufacturing, you can take advantage of the convenience of ordering sew-on reflective tape in bulk. You can receive a free sample pack. However, remember that various types of sew-on reflective tape have different reflectivity requirements.

Therefore, you should review the reflectivity requirements of various series to determine the most appropriate for your needs. Also, the sew-on reflective tape you choose will depend on the type of fabric it is designed for.

  • It Is Available In Various Widths and Colors

Reflective tape comes in various colors and widths, depending on the intended use. Each color has its level of visibility. Regarding sew-on reflective tape, orange and silver are the most effective colors. 

As a result, firefighter uniforms typically use silver reflective tape combined with orange or yellow tape to guarantee visibility in any lighting conditions.

Industries Where Sew-On Reflective Tape Is Used:

Applications Of Sew On Reflective Tape

Figure 4: Applications Of Sew On Reflective Tape

Sew-on reflective tape is unlike conventional clothing material, so it should be handled carefully. If you are using sew-on reflective tape in your safety clothing manufacturing business, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation and use. 

Sew-on reflective tape is used in a variety of industries, including

  • Safety Apparel

Firefighters, EMTs, police officers, and other professionals require visibility. Sew-on reflective tape is often used to increase their visibility at night or in hazardous environments. Combined with different types of reflective materials, it provides an additional layer of protection.

  • Sports Apparel

Athletes and teams often wear Sew-On Reflective Tape clothing to make themselves visible during nighttime sports events or practices. Sew-on reflective tape is also famous among cyclists, runners, and hikers who want to stand out in the dark.

  • Fashion Apparel

Sew-on reflective tape has become a popular fashion accessory for those wanting to make a statement. Whether used on hats, scarves, or jackets, sew-on reflective tape adds an extra element of style and flair. The aesthetic appeal of this material makes it a popular choice in the fashion world.

  • Outdoor Equipment

Hunters, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts often use reflective tape on their gear for increased visibility. Sew-on reflective tape is also used to customize camping tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks. By adding a layer of reflective material, campers can be seen more quickly in the dark.

Making every effort to be seen and noticed in the dark, whether for safety or fashion purposes, is essential. Sew-on reflective tape can help you make that statement. This versatile material can easily customize bags, caps, jackets, and other items. With proper care and maintenance, it can last for years.

Wrap Up

For the safety cloth-making business, taking the time to research and invest in quality protective sew on reflective tape is essential. Your business will definitely reap the rewards when you take the time to find a quality supplier for your reflective tape needs. 

At USee, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction above all else. No matter what you need, our rigorous quality assurance process and commitment to customer service ensure that you get the best reflective tape for your individual needs. USee offers a wide variety of sew-on reflective tape so that you can find the perfect material for your needs. 

In addition, we are the leading supplier of reflective apparel, so you can trust USee to give you the best product at the lowest price. So browse our selection today and get the necessary visibility to stay safe in any situation!

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